For the first time, I will be visiting Madrid, Spain

July 16th to 19th.

   Super excited to be in the Inquisition country. That will excite My more sadistic instincts.

   Because of prior commitments, My availability for sessions will be extraordinarily limited.

                               So, hurry up and book with Me before it's too late.

Mistress Alexandra


A perfect mix of intelligence, sadistic beauty, elegance and savage style

I am Mistress Alexandra elegant and sophisticated professional Dominatrix and life style Domina.

My power over men is obvious. I enjoy having them at my feet controlling using and training them every day. Realize that I am real femdom and sadist. My whips canes and strap-on is an extension of my body.

My smile my devil eyes and my sadistic laugh will coerce you to do ultimate acts of humiliation only to please Me.
Once you enter in My kingdom I will manipulate your body and soul making you forget any needs or desire that you ever had .

Mistress Alexandra


A pure mind game and if the mind is not dominated  the body it will never be subdued!

  My imagination has no limits, each session is different depending on the partner.  The only thing that remains constant is confidentiality, safe sane and consent.

  The range of my knowledge and experience is so great that anything from the S&M world and fetishes is unknown to Me.Just like the variety of preferences and fantasies of each person seeking a particular experience. Adaptation is therefore imperative because this is the basis of every successful meeting.

Mistress Alexandra


You probably know already that My garderobe will never be enough

I enjoy leather and latex in the same way. I absolutely adore corsets, high heels, over the knee boots, nylon, vinyl, PVC  and any other kinky clothing

Black and red are My favorite colors but you will see Me many times wearing metallic colors also.

Enough for now… Let’s see some Kinky, stylish and pervert photos

Mistress Alexandra


BDSM is an erotic preference that consists of power exchange, consensual bondage and intense physical stimulation combined with complex psycho-sexual relationships.

For some people it involves only a few hours of play as a sensual distraction.  For others it is a lifestyle.  A correct BDSM scene involves a fully trained and experienced Domme and a submissive. 


Expertise with the equipment prevents any actual injury, whether it is physical or emotional.  Recognized and agreed-upon boundaries and safe words will always be set in an appropriate environment.

One cannot have a perfect session without the right setting. One cannot make their fantasies come true without the perfect place. 

Mistress Alexandra


For those who do not have the opportunity to meet me in person or just want to have a taste of My style, I decided a while ago to give them the opportunity through My clips.

Video for Me does not mean script-shooting, it means a session which I enjoy.

The feeling that My pleasure will be transferred to a thousand eyes arouse Me so much.

I know that those who will watch My clips will melt away from the desire to be in the place of the slave and that excites Me and give me the power to continue.