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Mistress Alexandra Balance | Athens Dominatrix, Mistress athens

I am Mistress Alexandra, most well known Mistress in Athens. My power is obvious and I am offering the best bdsm session in Athens by the great Dominatrix






Deliciously warm or selective strict sadist, I will mesmerize you through an exquisite adventure that will change your world for ever. Worldwide known Mistress in Athens

Discover a universe where Mistress Alexandra reign supreme with her seductive power, flaunting extravagant beauty and beguiling charm. Enter a realm where men bow down to their every whim, utterly captivated and spellbound by the bewitching allure of the most powerful women

Mistress in Athens, Gr
            - About Me.

 I am Mistress Alexandra, the Top Dominatrix in Athens, Greece. 

Feel the call of your deepest desires as Mistress Alexandra, most tantalizing Athens Dominatrix, invites you to explore a world of exquisite dominance and thrilling new limits. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey full of self-discovery, exploration, personal growth, trust and empowerment. Step through the doors of My Athens BDSM Dungeon and bask in the glory of submission and pleasure. Dare to fulfill your most provocative fantasies under My authoritative guidance.


Come, now is the time to reveal your true self within this amazing space.

Athens Dominatrix, the best fetish provider in Athens

Dominatrix in Seattle is here to offer the best bdsm experience you ever felt until now

Athens Dominatrix

In Person Sessions

 As you enter my domain of Femdom in Athens, be prepared to be overwhelmed by my commanding presence and ability.


 Step into a realm where submission and domination collide and feel the intensity build within your mind and body as I take control. Whether novice or well-versed in the art of surrender, I will adjust appropriately for an unforgettable session that leaves you desperate for more.

 Embrace the thrill of handing yourself over to Mistress Athens's will as pleasure and domination blend together like a potent elixir.

 There is no limit to what we can explore together as I push the boundaries of dominance further with each encounter. I will always honor your boundaries but I do invite you to join me in this darkly enchanting world of Femdom in Athens, where my intelligence, knowledge, and captivating aura cast a spell over all who dare.


 Are you ready to devote yourself to my power? Steel yourself for an unforgettable adventure that will redefine what it means to experience pleasure through submission.

Mistress Athens is taking bdsm sessions at her dungeon in Athens

Online Domination and FemDom Clips

Welcome to the Shrine to Female Supremacy

A pure mind game and if the mind isn't dominated, the body will never be subdued

As you step into my realm of Femdom in Athens, prepare to be awestruck by my commanding presence and expertise.

 For those who don’t have the chance to meet me in person or just want to “have a taste” of My style here you can find a helpful list of links and activities that can be done online.


Travel and explore the world of Bdsm in Athens

  My future are always full of surprises, excitement and a chance to explore your wildest fantasies. From private sessions to larger events and coaching, I will make sure that your experience is one to remember. Now let's take a look at the best Bdm Dungeon in Athens, Greece

Mistress Alexandra, top mistress in athens greece and fetish provider
domination alexandra balance.webp

Professional Dominatrix and lifestyle Mentoring

Indulging in kink exploration within our lives can ignite a whole new level of excitement and fulfillment

You asked for it and you got it! My mentorship program is restarting and I am now proud to offer group classes as well as 1 to 1 to females that want to become a successful ProDomme and to couples and individuals willing to improve their kinky sexual life  


Alexandra Balance, Dominatrix Athens, Mistress Alexandra
Seattle Domina Alexandra Balance


Re: Class, experience, creativity and energy!

I've had the pleasure of meeting Mistress Alexandra three times in the past month, and I can confidently say that it's an experience worth having in Seattle! She's genuinely passionate about her work, radiates energy, and her creativity knows no bounds. Rather than following a fixed script, she listens to your body and mind, responding to your reactions and desires, gradually pushing boundaries and expanding your horizons with each session. Hope I can serve you again soon, Mistress!

Re: OMG!

Lets face it... I've seen a LOT of Pro Dommes all along the West Coast. 24 hours later, I'm already planning another visit as Mistress Alexandra has been among the best that I can remember. I connected with them in ways I've never connected before. She pushed when pushing was needed. Listened to my feelings and made me feel safe throughout the entire session.

My only complaint is that location instructions were slightly out of date, but that is not her fault at all. Otherwise six stars! I'm looking forward to what Mistress Alexandra will do in Seattle and feel privileged to be among some of the first to serve her here.



She was absolutely amazing. A true goddess that you would die to serve. She will definitely make you dream about her daily and is a true goddess. I had one of the most amazing times with her! Can’t wait to serve again!

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