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Professional Dominatrix Mentorship

Embarking on a path of Professional Domination promises excitement, fulfillment and lucrative opportunities. Yet success demands more than mere dominance - it hinges on business savvy and experiential insights to navigate challenges

Who you are, finding your niche

Develop your dominant skills

Advertising and marketing skills

Ways to attract and keep your favorite clientts

Image, what to wear vs what is comfortable

Expand your brand: videos, online platforms, findom etc

How to have a memorable brand and name

Understand BDSM Psychology

Online presence and website

Communication skills

Become a Omega Compound resident

Legal and safety concerns

Whatever you're a novice or a seasoned pro, diligent preparation and ongoing education are vital for sustaining a thriving career. Welcoming fresh perspectives fosters innovation, ensuring your trajectory remains dynamic

I'll exclusively mentor those who exhibit sincere dedication to becoming Professional Dommes

What's next ?

I want every woman out there to feel the power that FemDomme can give you, embrace it, feel it, live it. Is a right that we need to take in Our hands. Be a Goddess! Be successful! Be independent!

But power doesn't come alone. Power comes with responsibility and in this case, one of the biggest you could have. The body and the mind of the person that gives you their trust. You must know what you are doing, you must be prepared for any circumstances that might appear out of nowhere. The psychology aspect and the impact that a session has on them is what most of the times makes the difference.

Is not enough to run to a sex shop and purchase your little bag.  Professional Female Domination is way beyond that. It is though true that this is the first step. Master your tools, be creative, know how, when and where to hit. And most important when to stop.

And now that you are ready to join my Professional Domination Mentorship Program, complete the contact form bellow and add a brief description of yourself, your level, if you are planning to join Omega Compound collective and what are you interested to learn most.

The training will be in small groups or 1 to 1 depending on what you chose. Will be completed on a duration of 4 weeks. If you want to join Omega Compound collective your training will require 8 weeks, as the equipment I own are much more complex than any other place in Athens.

After you submit the contact form, I will send all the additional information that you will need to start.

Your future awaits for you!

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BDSM Dungeon Omega Compound Athens, Greece


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