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Online Sessions

For anyone who does not have the chance to meet Me in person or just feels more comfortable online, I have created a special program to fulfill all of Our fantasies.

Online Domination

Just like real-time interactions, online interactions are limited only by our imagination. Therefore, the different activities that we can carry out are the following: Email Instructions & Tasks, Messaging Interaction, Webcam Sessions, Phone Sessions.


Exceptional Quality Guaranty

Email Instructions & Tasks
   2 weeks – 5 tasks 50 EUR
   4 weeks – 14 tasks 100 EUR

Messaging Interaction
   1 hour 50 EUR


 Webcam & Phone Sessions
   30 minutes 60 EUR
   60 minutes 100 EUR


Financial Domination - Findom

In contrast to many fetishes, financial domination demands careful consideration of your financial means, as well as your commitment to a rather intense form of role-playing and submission. It may sound extreme, and it is, but some people in life thrive on intense power exchanges.

Financial domination can take place both in real time and online, and it can also be seasoned by many other elements, among which my favorite is humiliation. Still, the 3 big groups in this category are: Spoiled Mistress, Life Coach, Online Shopping. In all cases the intensity is given by the amount to which Mistress has unrestricted access.



Exceptional Quality Guaranty

Take care of bills Consult

 Wallet Rape 50 EUR


    Card Rape 500 EUR
   Bank Rape 5000 EUR


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