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Mistress Alexandra, Athens Domina

The Full Story of Mistress Alexandra

About Me, My style & My Career

No matter how far you are, you can always be “near” Me, hear My voice, enjoy My imposing appearance, kneel because I command it, suffer because I demand it, lock in chastity because I want , endure anything to please me .
Live under My commandments and do what I command you, that you may satisfy My insatiable kinky appetites.

Read about My 14 years journey in the magic world of domination in Athens, Greece and Seattle, WA, USA

Mistress Athens and top fetish provider

About Me

A perfect mix of intelligence, sadistic beauty, elegance and savage style.
If ever you are on this site to find the sweet little helpless princess then you are on the wrong path.

I am Mistress Alexandra, the absolute Greek Mistress. It is My nature to be Dominant. People obey Me because I manifest a commanding presence.

And this sovereignty is supplemented by My sadistic instincts and with My multiple years of experience in the world of BDSM.

This is My life, this is My lifestyle.

Whatever you are a masochist, submissive, fetishist or having your first experience, you are welcome to My  Dungeon.

I’m excited by a lot of harsh BDSM and fetishes.

​I believe that Matriarchal Domination and strict punishment for all submissives is the correct world order.

My style

Welcome to Mistress Alexandra's Temple, the Shrine to Female Supremacy.
Dominance without experience is like the sun with clouds. My 14 years of experience is a guarantee of mutual enjoyment.

I started My journey in this world next to a well known International Mistress.

Your level of experience is not important to Me, because once you’re at My feet, you’ll understand how unimportant it is, so I demand your respect and your attention.

I like to meet new subs who enter for the first time in My dungeon, in this unique and fantastic world of BDSM in Athens.

I am strict and Sadistic, but yet sensual Mistress. What I love most is that after all those years of experience in the field, I still discover new dark sides of human fantasy.

My experience has created a high undergrowth in psychology that target the discipline of men and women.

I will earn your trust and make you realize the depth of your known and unknown wish.

I have the unique way of command you and you will only obey, to control you and not to make any mistake, to give you pain and to endure it. Feeling sorry or sympathy is not evidence of My character.

Your preferences will be discussed before the meeting, but the rules are made only by Me. Always with safe, sane and consensual.

Bring Me your fantasies and watch them become reality with My own special way.

Latex and leather Athens dominatrix

My Career

A successful Professional Dominatrix and Business Woman

Athens Greece 

I have been taught by the best of the BDSM. I started close to a well-known mistress with international prestige back in 2009. I immediately realized that this is something that suits me completely.

I started in Athens, Greece where the first chapter of My professional journey began.

In 2014 I opened the doors of the biggest and best BDSM Dungeon ever created in Athens. It was a huge a wonderful surprise for the BDSM scene here. I am an perfectionist and that says it all.

320 square meters, 3300 square feet, a real underground dungeon. Full equipped from the beginning but yet never stopped to improve it until today.

As I said many times before one image can do more that a thousen words. Here is the link to the official website of Dungeon Underground.

Privileged to have over 30 international Domina’s from all over the world visiting Athens again and again, Dungeon Underground becomes every day bigger and bigger. Is now starting to be one of the most famous dungeons in Europe.

In 2018 the first BDSM Dungeon for Hire was created. Another step forward for the BDSM scene in Athens.

From 2018 I have coached over 18 ProDommes at My dungeons

Couples has now the perfect place to play, more than a kinky hotel room, more than anything else they could find till then.

The Omega Compound, in 2021, My third dungeon is a world-class BDSM venue to explore your kinks with over 350-square meters of interior space, as well as more than 1000 square meters of outdoor space; is a luxurious haven for those who want to live out their fantasies best suited for long-term sessions and luxury fetish vacations
Like a labyrinth of endless guilty pleasures, since it is impossible to discover and enjoy all its possibilities with just one visit and guests will want to return again and again.

Also the venue where FemDom Gala started in 2022 and gather over 180 Dommes and subs from all over the world

In 2023 I've decided is time for a change and moved to Seattle, USA. A re-self discovery period where I had the chance to meet some amazing people, fellow Dommes and open My horizons to a totally new dimension.

I've then embraced the fruits of My work and decided to return to the place where everything started from and create not only the best FemDom session experience, but also a united community of LGBTQ+. More info coming soon.    

strapon in Athens from a top dominatrix in Athens



Read My website

Nothing more annoying than answering questions about subjects that are already answered in My website. Take your time, enjoy the site and please Me by asking relevant questions.

Be a gentleman

Your politeness is not only appreciated but expected and enforced. First, remember who you are addressing to and of course, keep in mind what’s your position in My World

Be smart and to the point

As you can easily imagine, I get multiple communication requests daily. If you want to emerge from the masses and get the chance of My answer, show Me that you are not just one more.

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